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Top Rated:  Texas Houses for Pennies II      

                                                        Unlock the Secrets!

                                 By Darius M. Barazandeh, Attorney at Law / M.B.A.


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One Easy Payment for $197

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Here is what Attorney, JIMMIE PHAGAN Said:

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…I continue to be amazed at the depth and breadth of his knowledge, 

wisdom and experience…he genuinely cares about your success in life…

in my opinion he is the complete package…”


I am very proud to introduce the Texas Houses for Pennies II  

The most detailed product on Texas tax sale investment continues to get even better!  Texas Houses for Pennies has been updated to include recent changes to the Texas statutes, sample research projects, an updated review of surviving liens and sample investment strategies.  Some updates include: 

  • Updates for all investment counties in Texas!
  • Detailed analysis of court cases covering homestead exemptions and how to maximize your profits in the shortest period of time!
  • Updates on new bidding procedures and redemption laws
  • Updates on liens surviving foreclosure and how to absolutely avoid them
  • Sample investment strategies for 180 day redemption time periods (+/- 6 months) and a quick 25% interest return in 180 days!
  • Sample investment strategies for 1 to 2 year redemption time periods and a 50% return in Year 2!
  • Full discussion on searching for liens and other interests which can survive foreclosure!
  • Sample research projects and even more step-by-step illustrated examples!
  • Full access to our updated Texas Research Center!
  • Updated layout and an even simpler step-by-step format!
  • More Forms, Document Reviews, and Complete Images of Key Court Documents and Tax Records!

The system continues to be the most up-to-date, complete, and easy to follow step-by-step program for investment in Texas tax sales.  This is a serious and detailed package that covers court cases, legislative updates and critical investment strategies.  If you have ever wondered about Texas tax sales and how to take advantage of the trem

One Easy Payment for $197

Here is what sal rahaman said about my programs AFTER 


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“Mr. Barazandeh’s courses are like none other…

unlike all the other courses his courses are straight to the point with no jargon…

I would recommend to anyone…it will be money well spent!”


My name is Darius M. Barazandeh and I have created a highly detailed INSIDERS program to investing in Texas tax foreclosure sales.  In my program I show you the “no-holds barred” tactics, techniques, and problems (yes…I will even tell you what you should avoid!) often associated with the Texas tax foreclosure sales..  I am not just an investor with another book to sell.  Rather, I am a  tax sale investor, Texas attorney and a consulting professional who seen both sides of the process.  First, as a successful investor and second, as a business consultant and advisor to Harris County, one of the largest tax collection offices in Texas, and third as a Texas attorney.

I learned this process inside and out from the insider veterans of  during my business days.  I worked for 6 months to help revise and integrate new technologies into the collection of delinquent taxes.  As I formulated this course I not only learned from the cumulative experience of over 20 experienced tax sale investors, municipal collection law firms, and over countless tax office personnel, but from my own tax sale investment background (being involved in close to 1000 purchases over the last 8 years).   

 If you have any questions or concerns please email us at: wealthtraininghelp@gmail.com

Texas Houses for Pennies II is vastly different than 98% of real the estate systems out there.  First, it’s under priced!  I sell the system at price that lets you get started today.  It’s also not about bold promises, or generic techniques that only work in certain areas.  Rather Texas Houses for Pennies II, is one of the few that is filled with STEP-by-STEP, STATE SPECIFIC knowledge.  It works in Texas because it was designed only for Texas. 


You will find a lot of detail in my materials.  I am determined to providing my customers the highest levels of training and all the details I know.  I can’t forget the empty feelings when I purchased courses that delivered far less than promised: I will break that cycle!


One Easy Payment for $197

Here is some of what we will cover in the course materials: 


  • Why Texas Tax Sales may be the VERY BEST state to PURCHASE tax foreclosed properties
  • How to EARN FANTASTIC RATES of RETURN or PURCHASE real estate for as low as 1/10th of value or lower (just cents on the dollar!)
  • Why this course is vastly different than 98% of real estate courses available today
  • How you can get started today…IMMEDIATELY inspecting properties for your next auction
  • A LITTLE KNOWN technique that will help to eliminate the HARDEST part of investing in Texas tax foreclosure sales
  • Why these techniques WILL WORK no matter what part of Texas you live in
  • Why ANYONE can use these techniques
  • The tax sale process in a way that ELIMINATES confusion and fear
  • Why Texas is being called the BEST STATE TO INVEST in tax foreclosures
  • What is the RIGHT OF REDEMPTION and how can it lead to BIG PROFITS
  • How a little change in Texas law almost 10 years ago makes Texas the tax sale investor’s state of choice
  • How to MAXIMIZE the unique “DOUBLE-EDGED” redemption policy in Texas
  • How to IDENTIFY and AVOID certain tax sale properties due to unfavorable redemption requirements
  • A technique which allows you to QUICKLY RESEARCH and determine what redemption period for a tax sale property
  • How to SEARCH the property records of close to 100 COUNTIES from the comfort of your home office and from one website
  • How to navigate and understand the screen search capabilities of today’s web enabled county records
  • How to VERIFY redemption period to make sure you are working with the right investment properties
  • 3 reasons why the tax suit number is CRITICAL to your success or failure as a tax sale investor in Texas
  • How to determine the EXACT amount of taxes owed on properties
  • What YOU MUST DO if the property owner redeems
  • Who is the Tax Assessor Collector and how 5 SIMPLE QUESTIONS CAN YIELD LOADS of VALUABLE INFORMATION
  • Why strict PUBLIC NOTICE may be the least effective way to get tax sale listings
  • When and where are Texas tax sales
  • How do you evaluate tax sale lists to AVOID ALL the beginner mistakes
  • What you MUST NOT DO on auction day


  • THAT what you DON’T KNOW about additional penalties, taxes, and interest will HURT YOU!
  • The BEST way to determine the MARKET VALUE of Texas tax sale properties
  • A PROVEN SECRET to determine which auction opportunities to attend
  • SECRETS to QUICKLY locating tax sale properties
  • 8 QUESTIONS you MUST ASK before buying a tax sale property
  • 4 ESSENTIALS YOU MUST VERIFY before purchasing tax sale properties and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Investing in these sales can be a part-time activity or a full-time strategy. Best of all there are thousands and thousands of opportunities throughout TEXAS! If you are committed to learning this process let me teach you the benefits and pitfalls.  


One Easy Payment for $197


If you have any questions or concerns please email us at: wealthtraininghelp@gmail.com


Full DVD Video Bootcamp to Enjoy in the Privacy of Your Own Home!  Learn Step-by-Step from Attorney Darius M. Barazandeh! (a $499 Seminar Value!)


In addition, 
we will cover Texas Tax Sale Secrets which include 3 Insider reports designed to mentor you through techniques to: 

 Texas Absolute Tax Auctions and Counter “Strike-Off” Tax Sales – Use hidden auctions and after sale opportunities to greatly increase your profits

 Finding the Tax Sales No One Knows About for the Highest Returns – Learn the insider techniques to avoid the ‘tax sale machines’ and bid with little or no competition

 Finding the Addresses of 50 Percent of Tax Sale Properties Instantly – A simple but almost always overlooked technique you can use today to get the physical addresses of properties immediately


 Texas Tax Lien Title Research Guide Book Texas Tax Lien Title Research Guide Book that will provide you common sense answers to:

  1. Avoiding the Biggest Mistakes Made by Texas Tax Sale Investors!
  2. Understanding How “Other” Tax Liens Can Harm You!
  3. Understanding the Texas Grantor/Grantee Index and How You Can Avoid “Other” Liens!
  4. Understanding the Quiet Title Suit Process and How It Can it Can Save Your Deal!
    and Much More!


– A 130 + page step-by-step insider’s guide to investing in Texas Tax Sales

 Super Tax Sale Secrets Series – A new insider’s guide that includes 3 highly effective techniques tightly held by the Texas tax sale pro’s at the Texas courthouses

 Texas Tax Lien Title Research Guide – A powerful guidebook which gives you practical information to take the mystery out of liens and the lien research process. A MUST HAVE BEFORE EVEN CONSIDERING TAX SALE INVESTMENTS!

 Property Analysis Worksheets and Sample Tax Sale Listings – Designed to make sure you ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS and AVOID the wrong information when evaluating tax sale properties

We offer a 100 % Money-Back Guarantee!

For a Full 30 Days!

       If you have any questions or concerns please email us at: wealthtraininghelp@gmail.com

One Easy Payment for $197

One Easy Payment for $197

Your Investment: $197.97

(Regular Price $237.00)