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Retire  Rich with Your IRA: 


 By Darius M. Barazandeh, Attorney at Law / M.B.A.  

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  • Introduction to IRAs and Self Direction
  • The Basics and Specifics of IRA Investing
  • Understanding the Specific Retirement Plans: Traditional and Roth IRAs
  • Understanding the Specific Retirement Plans Continued: SEP Plans, SIMPLE Plans, Coverdale Education Saving Accounts, Health Saving Accounts, 401K’s and More!
  • Discussion of well-known IRA custodians and Evaluation Criteria
  • IRA Limitations and Traps – The exact scenarios which can void your IRA tax benefits and how to avoid investments with prohibited parties:

1)    The traps of lineal ascendants and lineal descendants and their spouses. 

2)    Inter-spousal transactions

3)    Custodian and 3rd party administrator transactions

4)    Investments in which you as a part benefit

5)    A business (corporation, partnerships, Trust in which you own 50% of voting stock)

6)    A plan service provider

7)    An employer of the plan participants.

  • Examples of prohibited transactions and case studies demonstrating how to avoid mistakes!
  • IRA Limitations and Traps — Prohibited investment types and understand the rules which surround these traps:

1)     Artwork

2)     Rugs

3)     Antiques

4)     Metals

5)     Gems

6)     Stamps

7)     Coins

8)     Beverages

9)     Certain other tangible personal property

10)  Capital Stock in ‘S’ Corporations

  • Review of Important IRS publications and what you need to know about the IRS’s rules concerning self directed IRAs!


Specific Real Estate Investment Examples with Step-by-Step Details and How To Instruction!


  • Getting Started Easily and Quickly with Self Directed IRAs
  • Step-by-Step Examples: Full Cash Purchase of a Distressed Property
  • Step-by-Step Examples: ‘Rehab’ and ‘Flip’ with Another Investor
  • Step-by-Step Examples: Land lording and Rentals through Your IRA!
  • Step-by-Step Examples: Important things to Remember when Collecting Rent and Repairing IRA owned Property
    • Sub Rules when co-owners are involved!
    • Investing in big projects with co-owners even when you have only $1,000 or less!


Learning the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ Secrets of Attained Tax Free

  and Tax Deferred Real Estate Has Never Been Easier!


  • Step-by-Step Examples: Tax Deed Purchases / Foreclosure Sales
  • Step-by-Step Examples: Tax Lien Investing
  • Step-by-Step Examples: Borrowing Money with Your IRA – Financing Property Acquisition  
  • Understanding UBIT Tax Issues – Simple Explanations for the non-accountants!
  • Step-by-Step Examples:  Lending Out Money From the IRA – Become the Bank
  • Step-by-Step Examples:  Exception to IRA Distribution Rules!
  • Tips and Techniques to Getting Money Out of the IRA without Paying Tax Penalties!
  • Should I Borrow Money in my IRA or Individually to Fund a Purchase, Contributions Limits, and other Tips!
  • Step-by-Step Examples:  Avoiding Higher Fees and Hidden Charges From Your IRA Custodian


Avoid ‘Hidden’ Fees From Your IRA Custodian!  

Too Many Investors are Giving Away Thousands Each Year!


  • IRA Horror Stories: Exactly what to Avoid and How to do it Right!
  • Over 2 hours of interviews with IRA experts and over 5 Hours of Easy-to-Follow Step-by-Step Information and Guidance! 
  • and Much, Much More! 

  Avoid Disastrous Traps!   

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100% Risk Free Money Back

Guarantee – Click Here

Your Tax Deductible Investment 

Your Investment: $139.00

   (save thousands in taxes and custodian fees!)

Delivery: Receive this system within 3 to 5 business days.  UPS tracking information sent with each order.