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About Darius M. Barazandeh

Darius M. Barazandeh is an attorney in inactive status. Texas – Bar Card Number ID 24038756.

In addition to his legal knowledge he has a Masters Degree (M.B.A.) in Business Finance and brings experience from numerous fields including real estate investment, corporate finance, and business consulting.

As an attorney and investor he has investment experience with tax foreclosure sales, ‘sandwich’ lease-option transactions, note creation through mobile home ‘flipping’ (i.e., quick buying and selling) and residential single family construction projects.  Frustrated by the lack of realistic information regarding tax foreclosure sales and other investments, he is “unlocking the secrets” to many of these creative investment methods with his unique ‘clear cut’ writing style and attention to detail.

Note from Darius…

Succeeding as a real estate investor takes more than just learning generic techniques.  We face more laws, liability and regulation than ever before.  The risks of failure and liability from implementing incomplete, ‘one size fits all’ techniques in any business are tremendous.

I know what its like to be unsure about where and how to begin investing in real estate.  Many beginners feel like they could read every book or course available but still feel like they are missing something really big in their approach.  

The biggest problem confronting ‘new’ real estate investors and small business owners is that they do not get enough detailed guidance to pull together a complete strategy.   Rather than meet or speak with an expert most beginners are forced to go through this discouraging process: 

  • Buy a ‘one sized fits all’ real estate course and read through the information from cover to cover.  You get excited and ready to get started, but…

  • You think about implementing the program’s techniques but you have some burning questions arise and want some help along the way…

  • You look around for someone to contact for help.  You call the company which produced the course.  After you call the 1-800 number you realize that the people you talk to are not the author, have never met the author, belong to a large seminar company and have never even read the book they are selling.  Even worse they are ONLY trying to sell you more and more products and information…

  • You hesitate because your questions are not being answered. You decide to put things on hold until you can get some help…

  • You feel hurt, used, disgusted, and believe that real estate investing is not for you.  Sadly, you may never attempt real estate investing again!

I know this happens to a lot of people because it happened to me! 
I was, like you, trying to better myself and my financial position through learning. I still remember the feelings like they were felt yesterday.  One day I bought a product that was supposed to be a ‘complete’ resource on a technique called ‘lease options’.  I waited anxiously for two weeks before it arrived. I quickly learned that it had enough information to get me intrigued about the investment technique NOTHING MORE.  

As an attorney, I wondered about the risk aspects of the investment, the contracts, the deed and title issues, etc.  There was so much missing that it was obvious that their omissions were intentional.  I called the company to talk to the author and ask what happened to the product I had been promised. Instead I could only reach a sales representative who had no knowledge of the product they were selling and was not an investor. I  felt very used and very cheated.  Even worse I felt alone, isolated, and hurt with my hopes, confidence and motivation crushed. This is the old world of real estate investing ‘guru’s’ and their empty, fluff packed, pure marketing products.  It made me strive to deliver much, much more.

What Does This Mean For You? 
ts I realized that they must be different than the one’s that I encountered.  I knew that as an attorney anything with my name on it must be professionally written, it must cover the legal issues and considerations (typically ignored by some) and it must exceed expectations.  My early experience with some of these so called ‘authors and experts’ has significantly changed the way I handle my customers:

First, I don’t believe in selling add on products, scams or letting marketing companies handle my name and reputation.  First, let me say first that I am an attorney, licensed in Texas to practice law.  I always bring a high level of ethical duty and responsibility to my customers.  While some people may have bad experiences with unscrupulous attorneys I assure you that I am not one of them.  I believe in using the legal profession to help raise people from their current financial place in life and I care greatly about your success.

Second, I realized that my products must be detailed and must cover almost every angle of the real estate investment method. When I write a course about an investment technique I take extraordinary effort cover virtually all aspects of the technique: including economic, legal, risk reduction, and asset protection issues.  

To Your Success,

Darius M. Barazandeh


More Information About His Programs and Teachings:

His program Texas Houses for Pennies is the highest rated tax foreclosure guide in the United States! His newest program’s The Wealth Building LLC and the Incorporate for Wealth, are fast becoming the ‘industry standard’ in education about using limited liability companies and corporations to save taxes, reduce liability and create ‘rock solid’ business practices. They are highly rated by real estate entrepreneurs and small business owners all over the United States. He also has instruction detailing the use of self directed IRA’s to invest in real estate through his program, Retire Rich with Your IRA: Tax Free Real Estate.

Past customers have been delighted by Darius Barazandeh’s customer service, reporting that emails and phone calls were promptly answered. His products and publications are highly recommended.

Mr. Barazandeh has shared his business expertise as a business consultant to numerous companies and governmental clients. As a business consultant with the prestigious firm of Deloitte & Touche, LLP he worked in many business scenarios and helped to maximize the cost effectiveness and profitability of over 30 large scale organizations. Some of his clients have included the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector, the City of Houston Municipal Court System, the Port of Houston Authority and the Austin Independent School District where worked with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts to identify, report, and revise ineffective processes and procedures for cost savings totaling over $10 million dollars.

Mr. Barazandeh’s latest book is already fast becoming a business and self development classic. In his newest creation, “Your Greatest Truth” he uncovers the true determinants of success and failure. Trained in the business schools of finance, the rigors of law, the field of sociology, and practical use of the mind (neuro-repatterning), Mr. Barazandeh breaks new ground and introduces use to 6 critical steps that will allow anyone to create anything the they truly desire in life: http://www.yourgreatesttruth.com/

Attorney, Darius M. Barazandeh with Dr. John DeMartini from 'The Secret'