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 Darius M. Barazandeh, Attorney AT Law

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I just signed a contract for one of my tax sale properties.  I paid $350 for it in 2004. Selling for $4,000.00 (no closing costs or other fees etc).  I know you are always interested!

Lisa Turner



I bought 8 Tax Deeds in Texas. I know all my Tax Deeds are earning 25% in 6 months.

Jason Wu



We have purchased about 16 properties from tax sales. Your Texas Houses for Pennies has helped us tremendously and I have recommended it to others at the sale.

We did purchase a house today for $38,000 that was valued at $81,000.

Diane Stanley




Just a quick note to let you know that I have bought my first tax deed property.  Its valued at $75,000. Min bid of $4500. I bought it for $8,200. 

It gets even better. Its a rental property that currently brings in a rent of $900 per month. The tenant has 9 months left on his lease. 

I met the tenant and he is willing to purchase the property from me for $65,000...Wow!!!


Vaughn Ramcharitar

 Houston, Texas

  Texas Houses for Pennies is a bargain for what you're receiving, not only for the information within it, but the best part is the time Darius (author) himself takes to talk your through any questions you might have. 

I recently purchased a home for $17,000 and will make around 40% return.

Jay Lash

  I just went to one of my winning properties. It is a 16 units apartment.

The market value is $132,000, & my bid is $12,000.

I also went to another single-family (Not Homestead) property today.

The market value is $30,000, & my bid is $10,000.

Jason Wu



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