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Are You Missing the Tools

 to Become Recession Proof?

"The insights...are really priceless.
I now know that my financial freedom is no longer only a possibility... 
it is a reality waiting to happen!" 


My name is Darius M. Barazandeh.  I am a real estate investor and a licensed attorney.  I am also the author of 5 top rated, legally precise real estate investment systems.  My specialties include foreclosure sale investments (being involved in nearly 500+ transactions), lawsuit liability protection and tax structuring.

I have also spent the last 8 years teaching, investing, and working one-on-one with over 500 students and clients.  All of the investors I meet want one thing: To be successful in real estate.


Does it ever seem like 'something' is missing

...but you don't know what?


However, within 10 minutes of speaking with someone, I can generally determine whether or not they will succeed in real estate.


Here is what I have found:

   Successful real estate investors are not any smarter than those who fail

   They're not any more talented or gifted

  They're not any luckier

   And they don’t work much harder than the unsuccessful investor…  


But successful real estate investors do things quite differently than others.  They operate with a completely different set of rules than the 98% who fail.  A very different set of rules indeed…  When you learn and apply the rules...the results must follow!


As a real estate investor, author, coach and attorney I have been able to see real estate investing from many different angles.  Each year hundreds of thousands of ‘hopeful’ investors attend workshops, invest in programs, listen to teaching tapes, and read books.  Yet, one truth is traditionally left out of their education:  


Successful Investors Have Something that Alludes 98% of People Out There!


No Real Estate Program Has Ever Focused on This Element...Until Now!



"Darius M. Barazandeh has opened the door into a new life that breaks through barriers, transcends the ordinary and brings lasting fulfillment." 


Robert D. Matzelle, Doctor of Psychology

                                              Masters in Forensic Psychology


Consider this: Does Donald Trump really have that much more knowledge than most investors?  Common sense tells you that he has something beyond mere ‘book knowledge’ and even beyond experience.  Something tells you that he has or does 'something' differently than 99.9% of the investors out there.  



It’s the same reason why 2 people can read the same program, apply the same techniques in the same area of town, yet one will leave an outstanding success while the other will fail!  Here is a story that demonstrates my point:


Recently I was Conducting a Seminar and When I Walked into the Hotel Lobby, Something Amazing Happened ...


Listen to the Story - Right Now! 

(you may have to adjust your speaker volume and click the button twice)



What will the Successful Investor Always Do?...

What is it?...


The more you think about it, the more it will be become clear that the second man must change something, but what?  While most of society will try to convince you otherwise, I am going to tell you the TRUTH: 


Changing Your Outer Environment Without Changing Your Inner World is Useless!  



But What will the Successful Investor Always Do?...


I have witnessed many investors who operate with ‘knowledge’ alone and who possibly ‘squeak out’ one or two deals.  Perhaps the market slows down and then they stop.  Maybe it’s family issues that halt their progress.  Others will give up without really even trying.


Are you an investor or business owner who is stuck at one level of income and can’t move ahead?


Success in Real Estate and Business is Much

Like a Combination Lock!  


I learned early on that all the ‘knowledge’ in the world regarding specific techniques: Lease options, short sales, mortgage and tax foreclosure sales, notes, etc., won’t help you if your input is wrong.  I don’t know if you have ever thought about it, but like a combination lock all the knowledge in the world is useless unless you know the 3 little numbers that make up the combination!  



If you are not where you want to be it’s not because you don’t have the talent or intelligence.  It’s not because you can't succeed.  It is because you are probably operating without the code…without the proper combination!  You are operating without something I call the ‘1% Investor Mindset’.™     


This mindset is something more aptly described as a ‘Wealth Blueprint’ and it will change how you ‘think’, ‘act’ and ‘perceive’ your real estate investing business and life.  It will maximize the skills you have and then rocket you to the next level.  You might notice feelings of excitement as you think about these things, because for many others it has meant a new life!  



“Take any man who is a success and I want to tell you that everything he touches turns to gold.  Take any man who is a failure and everything he touches turns to dust or something less than dust, because he has a failure consciousness.”

-          Napoleon Hill (1883 – 1970)




This puts a totally new spin on my life and hopefully I will be able to accomplish all the things that I have dreamed of.

This is only made possible through you and your very well written course.

Vaughn Ramcharitar










Can You Afford to Miss the One Bit of Information that 

Makes All the Difference in the World? 


In this unique training program I will review many case studies of actual students and top investors.  You will learn what to do and what not to do, from actual examples.  Imagine the feeling of knowing that you are in control of your business and life circumstance!     


While this type of training is rare, it makes all the difference in the world!  



The First Real Estate Program Ever Created to Change Your 

Mindset and 'Wealth Blue Print'!



“Before you can have something better and bigger in your life, you must think and 

believe something bigger and better in your mind.”

-          Darius M. Barazandeh



Can You Afford to Spend the Next 10, 20, 40, or 50 

Years Never Knowing?...


  • 10 steps to becoming 'recession-proof' in today's market and expanding your business 30%, 40%, 50% every year!... 

  • The precise 15 things that will make you think, move and act differently that the majority horde...

  • Exactly why 98% of people remain 'stuck' no matter how much willpower they try to use...

  • Specific research showing how 'unconscious' programs affect our physical wealth, health and relationships...

  • Exactly how to re-adjust your 'wealth blueprint'...(unless you understand this...don't waste your time trying to grow your business!)...

  • Why your 'wealth blueprint' will affect your results more than any other factor...

  • Exactly how to create irrevocable relationships with business partners, joint ventures and others exclusive methods to 'boost' your business into the stratosphere!...

  • How to adopt the exact beliefs and patterns of successful real estate investors and installing these into your thinking immediately…

  • The most common reason for failure among new and ‘seasoned’ real estate investors…

  •   The 6 things a new investor must do to ensure success…

  • The 5 things successful investors know and change about their environment…

  • How to let go of economic fears and past failures…

  • How to abandon ‘Fixed Pie’ thinking and double your business this year…

  • Why simply writing down goals nearly always results in failure...

  • The Secret Laws of Compensation, that low income earners are never taught...

  • Why doing the ‘best you can’ usually results in failure…

  • The 3 reasons why ‘will power’ alone will never change 98% of your daily actions…

  • How to re-wire your programming and why most people are completely unaware of why they can't get past their invisible 'glass ceiling' in business!

  • The 10 things a ‘seasoned’ investor must do to reach the next level…  

  • How to assemble an unstoppable real estate team…without hiring employees!

  • How media programming can subvert your success, health and happiness...(don't miss this one!)

  • and there is so much more!



As an attorney and MBA, I don’t like fluff and vague theory.  In this program I break new ground and bring together the exact findings,  techniques, cutting edge discoveries and scientific evidence that underlies all success.  Some of the things discussed may even SHOCK YOU!


However, The Real Estate Investor’s Success Code provides you with the exact tools and resources that will make your goals not only attainable, but sustainable.  No matter what level your business is at now, these solid, cutting edge techniques will take you to the next level:  



What Will It Cost In Happiness, Earnings and Life Quality if You Never Learn?...



  • Exactly where conventional wisdom has always been wrong...

  • The 4 ways to break old patterns in your business and life…

  • 5 specifics ways to make the ‘1% Investor Mindset’™ part of your everyday thinking…

  • How to remove the fear of failure from your thinking…

  • How to get the most out of strategic relationships with your real estate service providers (realtors, title companies, mortgages companies, contractors and more!)

  • Create an action plan that will generate results faster than ever before...

  • 8 reasons why 98% of people will never rise above mediocrity and exactly what to do to break the patterns...

  • The 13 compensation secrets top real estate investors understand and use…

  • Techniques to bridge the financial gap between where you presently are and where you want to be...

  • Exactly how to attain sustainable happiness...

  • The wealth of knowledge and information that everyone should know about achieving and sustaining happiness, wealth and peace in life...



Learn What You Have Been Missing...



Is The Real Estate Investor’s Success Code right for you?  I can tell you that those who master my training say that it is the best investment they could have made:  


Dan and I both commented on how much we enjoyed your presentation.  Many times real estate programs are a disappointment, but yours certainly wasn't.


The information you provided was to the point and extremely valuable.  Thanks again.


—Alvin Black
Dallas, Texas


The more you think about it, the more it will become clear that if success was merely a matter of ‘knowledge’ then virtually all seminar attendees would be successful.  Yet, 98% of people who buy a real estate course or seminar fail to move forward and do anything.  



Can You Afford to Lose?...


  • Strategies to a common trap that causes nearly everyone to fail badly...

  • The secrets to building an 'unstoppable' bridge between thought and action to supercharge your life and business immediately...

  • The exact steps to creating a surefire ‘wealth blueprint’ for your real estate business and life...

  • And much more!



I've spent the last 8 years helping investors build wealth and building my real estate business.  It's what I'm good at... and I love doing it.  But I realized that just learning investment techniques is not enough.  Once you fully take hold of what I will show you, your results will amaze you!  




I just went to one of my winning properties.  It is a 16 unit apartment.
The market value is $132,000, & my bid is $12,000.

I also went to another single-family (Not Homestead) property today.  The market value is $30,000, & my bid is $10,000.

I was very surprised that you would call me.  I thought most of the business owners didn't care much of their customers after the customers bought their products.

Now, I can see that you are 100% backed up with your action.  Thank you so much!  You are the best.

Jason Wu



Remember, successful investors ‘think differently’.  This type of thinking needs to be instilled and constantly re-enforced over and over again.  I absolutely know this will happen through The Real Estate Investor’s Success Code - the 1% Investor Mindset, but it won’t happen without you!  

       The Real Estate Investor’s Success Code - the 1% Investor Mindset




Are you ready to take a small step to make a giant change in your life?  What type of difference would this make for your family?  Would you be willing to join me if I make it so that you absolutely can't lose?  We have a 100% RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with the materials. 



So, I really want to show you that The Real Estate Investor’s Success Code is vital to your future.  


But you don't have to listen to my words, here are what some of my students have to say:


We just feel so blessed to come across you.  You have been wonderful to us by answering all our questions and I truly think you are the only honest person out on the internet that actually delivers what you promise… plus MORE!

You have been just too wonderful to not share with other people.

-- Tracy Donaldson
Houston, Texas




 I could not have bid on this property without your clear instructions. 


Profit on Sale: $53,900 + $18,000 in rental income = $71,900


Thank you so much!

-- Aaron Light

Houston, Texas




You know every so often there comes a time when people just have to stop what they're doing and tell other people what a great job they do in their given profession.  Well sir, you are at the top of the list for an overdue compliment.

After the time spent on our telephone conversation, I just had to put my thoughts to e/mail and thank you for being the gracious, sincere and accommodating individual that you are.  The unnerving contact with the Jay Mitton group left me feeling like I've been played, and conversely, speaking with you was a truly gratifying experience. 

For someone that wants to take this asset planning & protection serious, and I do, getting quantifiable direction from someone that is genuine and knowledgeable, with no ulterior motive, is certainly a blessing.

At this juncture, not only do I feel relieved the worst is behind me, but also that a huge rock has been lifted off my shoulders.

How easier things become when knowing how to do them! 


-- Patrick Redmond

New Mexico






Just a quick note to let you know that I have bought my first tax deed property.  It’s valued at $75,000. Min bid of $4,500. I bought it for $8,200. 

It gets even better.  It's a rental property that currently brings in a rent of $900 per month.  The tenant has 9 months left on his lease. 

I met the tenant and he is willing to purchase the property from me for

Vaughn Ramcharitar



So the Next Step is Up to You!  

Ask Yourself:

What are your Dreams Worth?

Think about what you'd like to achieve in your real estate business and life NOW!  


HOLD ON...Because We Are Adding a Valuable Bonus Program...



BONUS: 1% Multi Family Investor Workshop: HOW TO INVEST IN 



Learn the techniques for 'value jumps' a strategic purchase in which you quickly increase the Net Operating Income of Multi-Family properties for profits of $50,000, $10,000, $250,000 or more in only 1 to 2 years!


Includes workbook and 4 audio CD’s covering: ‘step-by-step’ valuation techniques, financing, net operating income review, specific contracts, case studies, and much more.     













1% Multi Family Investor Workshop and Workbook 

- Included with Your Order







You can have all the things you want, but only you can take the first step! 


The very fact that you are reading this means that at some level you know that you deserve greater results.  You know that deep down you want more fulfillment out of what you do, more earnings or both!

 I absolutely promise that I can help you have both, but only if you let me!  But I can’t do it for you and it’s in your hands now.  So, take inventory of this moment, because right now you have choices.  You can either:  


1)  Wait for another year and try to push past the same barriers.  Remain in the dreadful trap of most people who expect different results, but are truly able to never change the core causes...


2) You decide to soar to new levels of profit and happiness, remove programming that has held you back in your real estate business and life.  


You can be inspired, unstoppable, and armed with your own personal wealth blueprint’!


I don’t know if you have ever thought about it, but in less than one month from now, you could be well on your way to meeting all your goals and making all your dreams come true.  

Or, you could be one year older still thinking that changing your outer conditions will reverse your deep seated beliefs, programming and results.  It never works that way!

In this cutting edge workshop, I will personally take you to another level in your real estate business.  It does not matter if you have zero deals under your belt or one hundred.  


       The Real Estate Investor’s Success Code - the 1% Investor Mindset


I look forward to working with you and OFFER a 100% RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with the materials.  


No one will give you a better life.  No one will give you the free time to enjoy your life.  If you want another way to live, another way to earn income, or just the security of knowing that you 'call the shots', please seriously consider learning what we have to offer.  I have worked with literally hundreds of investors over the years and seen amazing results.  


Understand that if you have any questions as you read this material please call me personally today at 713-961-1134 I will always make time for you!  You may also email me at:  Let's get started today! 



“An accepted idea and belief begins to create new ideas and beliefs that spring from this original seed.  Like branches of a tree growing from a single seed your life unfolds based on the ideas and beliefs that you accept.”

-          Darius M. Barazandeh


“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

-          George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950)



Warmest Regards,

Darius M. Barazandeh, President

Attorney at Law / M.B.A


RISK FREE - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Learn More!








Check Out the Program RISK FREE!  

30 Day No Questions Asked Return Policy - 

Learn More!



Your Investment in Yourself $197



Don't Miss the 'Priceless' #1 Component to Achieving What You Want!


The First Real Estate Program Ever Created to Change Your 

Mindset and Wealth Blue Print!





 QUICK TURN AROUND 'Value Jumps' (a $197 Value):


Learn Step-by-step how to increase equity on large multi-family properties for profits of $50,000, $100,000 $250,000 or more!














Your Investment in Yourself $197









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