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Real Estate Investing and Business Entities

The Truth About Business Entities: CORPORATIONS, llc's, Limited Partnerships



 Darius M. Barazandeh, Attorney AT Law / MBA

Information contained within this broadcast is not intended to be, nor should it be taken by the listener as legal, financial or tax advice. The following audio information is included for educational purposes only. This is brief summary of some of the rules, risks and issues which can confront investors and it does not replace proper guidance and care.  

To Listen Now: Click the play button once  and make sure the volume on your computer is set properly.  

You may pause the audio by clicking the play button during playback.

Total Run Time: 1.3 Hours

Topic # 1: Why Do Real Estate Investors Need Business

Entities and What Are They, Really?   





Topic # 2: Understanding the Tax Choices -  Strategies to

Save Thousands! 





Topic # 3: Liability and Business Entities - THIS MAY





Topic # 4:  What About Limited Partnerships? 



  MP3 Downloads (Real Estate Investing and Business Entities)

                 Section 1: Click here to download (28.3 MB)

              Section 2: Click here to download (41 MB)

              Section 3: Click here to download (23 MB)

              Section 4: Click here to download (14 MB)


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Warmest Regards,

Darius M. Barazandeh, President

Attorney at Law / M.B.A.



have finished reviewing the Wealth Building LLC Course and I found it the most informative, comprehensive and complete course for setting up an LLC I have ever read. All my questions have been answered. I consider it an excellent work.

Gerasimos Artinos


Congratulations on such a complete and easy-to-follow system As a CPA, I know that business owners rarely receive the level of detailed instruction you provide in these materials. 

It could easily cost thousands of dollars to obtain a fraction of this education from your accountant or attorney.

Doug Rutherford, CPA

(Certified Public Accountant)

Managing Member

Rutherford CPA and Associates



I'm just so impressed as I keep going through the Wealth Building LLC. I'm very visual, so I love your text part- but you covered the ground for all types of learners!  You have audio, visual, and multimedia! 

Oh, yeah, I watched the was so great because you had a real example to emphasize the importance. 

I just think so many people would greatly benefit from your course!


Keiko Takimoto-Makarczyk


I have found Darius Barazandeh’s system The Wealth Building LLC an absolute must-have system for every real estate investor and small business owner.

Darius walks you through creating, running, and ‘bullet proofing’ an LLC with such detail that trying to get a fraction of this training from your attorney would COST AT LEAST $10,000. He also covers tax strategies that can amount to $1,000’s OF DOLLARS IN TAX SAVINGS!
Being a national speaker and author of three real estate courses myself, I’ve seen many educational materials and I must say this one ranks in the top 5 of all time! 

Scott Rister: Mr. Rister is a nationally sought after real estate speaker and author


I have reviewed The Wealth Building LLC,  I think the package is excellent.


Keith Gardner

Newark, Delaware


You know every so often there comes a time when people just have to stop what they're doing and tell other people what a great job they do in their given profession. Well sir, you are at the top of the list for an overdue compliment.

At this juncture, not only do I feel relieved the worst is behind me, but also that a huge rock has been lifted off my shoulders. As stated earlier, the trauma putting all this together has plagued me for well over a month. Everything I considered doing, (i.e. l/p's, c-corps, trusts)... speaking with you was a truly gratifying experience. 

Pat Redmond

New Mexico